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Maintenance NEXT 2019 Rotterdam
Maintenance NEXT, organised by Rotterdam Ahoy, is the most important meeting place for maintenance professionals. The 18th edition takes place from Tuesday 9th April to Thursday 11th April 2019. Developments in the maintenance sector are following each other at a rapid pace and through technological applications, installations are becoming increasingly transparent. The maintenance sector is in full swing and requires not only investments in machines, but also in the human factor. What does the maintenance manager do in the year 2020? Maintenance NEXT offers a platform to inform, inspire and focus on the maintenance future with each other and to make this the main agenda item. The Maintenance NEXT 2019 themes are: SMART INDUSTRY - - PEOPLE - - AGEING ASSETS - - Exhibitors Maintenance NEXT is the most important technology and maintenance expo of the Benelux. This is where the entire sector meets for three days with the aim of making the Dutch installation park function as well as possible. Maintenance NEXT is not only the breeding ground for innovations in smart maintenance solutions, but also the platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the area of asset management. ’’It is a missed opportunity if you did not visit!’’ Why your company should not be missing: Professional platform for professionals Excellent visibility, qualitative contact and maximum reach for exhibitors Complementary supply of knowledge and expertise Enrichment, experience and deepening
09-04-2019 | Exhibition | 3 days | Rotterdam | Entry: Free (after registration)
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